Rinus Van de Velde

Rinus Van de Velde

When I stumbled upon him in Fukt Magazine, my first thought was:  This guy is doing exactly what I want to do. Just better. And bigger. And more of it. Like me, he is interested in this meta narrative, where the piece remakes, and reexamines itself. I found this quote from a text he has written about his work, on his website, which, quite precisely explains this exact feeling:

“How does one succeed in creating a stable, meaningful world that is, at the same time, emphatically fictive and subjective? In what sense can an artist these days still be a hero turning the virgin soil of an unknown world? And what then of the relationship with the viewer who, like the artist himself, must assemble his own story?” – RVdV

He makes considerations about the artists role in society. Is the artist an important character? How Can one be an artist today, and create something unique and important? I find it interesting that he asks these questions, considering that his practise mainly consists of reused, reshaped, or in other ways distorted and already told narratives and already taken photograph. I find his approach to reference something thats already there, to create a new piece within the already existing quite appealing and relevant in terms of my own practice.

“By using the photograph as raw material for a drawing, and by providing – by means of text captions – a different context from that which is represented, Van de Velde lays aside the original facts in order to create room for a new and personal story. The goal, therefore, is not to make visible the reality “behind” the photograph, but to create a myth in the third degree. The contents are dismantled and discounted; only the form – the symbolism – remains the same. “- RVdV

His interest in creating a “myth in the third degree” links very well to what I am doing – creating fake narratives, manipulating an already existing story, and mixing it with my own life. With his work he raises questions such as: What is the reality we perceive? What are the relations we create, the feelings felt, the experiences experienced? The memories of our own lives? Van de Velde uses photographs as a tool to shape a new reality, in this videoclip where he talks about his relationship towards the chess legend Bobby Fisher, the mythical obsession comes to show.