About Anna Sofie Jespersen

I often use drawings of myself as a tool for mirroring my
surroundings. If I want to understand a certain emotion, I mirror it visually onto myself to
get a broader perception of it. 
I find much of my inspiration within the world of science, literature and movies. Within that, 
neurophysics and psychology, the normative versus the abnormative. Death is another constant in my work. I
 want to investigate my own and society’s relationship towards mortality. The Danish existential philosopher
Søren Kierkegaard said: “You must choose your life.” I am very interested in the relationship
between life, death and choice, and existential philosophy in general. I sometimes use
 narratives in my work, but not in an explicit way, I use reference and indications to make a 
narrative. I find the process of transforming
something text based into something visual, quite exciting.

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